ADBP - Aluminum Direct Burial Pole

About ADBP - Aluminum Direct Burial Pole

Concept: Direct Burial Pole for use in areas where no foundation is possible. 
Material: Extruded aluminum with 3, 4, or 5in Diameter material with wall thickness of 0.125, 0.188 or 0.250in. 12in Deadman is provided to ensure proper placement in footing. 
Mounting: Concrete footing secured with deadman bolt.
Finish: Powder Coat, Color TBD,

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Product codes
ADBP-6-3-125, ADBP-7-3-125, ADBP-8-3-125, ADBP-9-3-125, ADBP-10-3-125, ADBP-11-3-125, ADBP-12-3-125, ADBP-10-3-188, ADBP-11-3-188, ADBP-12-3-188, ADBP-13-3-188, ADBP-14-3-188, ADBP-8-4-125, ADBP-9-4-125, ADBP-10-4-125, ADBP-11-4-125, ADBP-12-4-125, ADBP-13-4-188, ADBP-14-4-188, ADBP-10-5-125, ADBP-11-5-125, ADBP-12-5-125, ADBP-13-5-125, ADBP-14-5-125, ADBP-15-5-125, ADBP-16-5-125, ADBP-17-5-188, ADBP-18-5-188, ADBP-19-5-188, ADBP-20-5-188

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