P1 - Profile 1 Bollard

About P1 - Profile 1 Bollard

          Application: Pathways, Parking Lots, Plazas, Entrance Ways, Parks and Landscape Accents
          Material: Extruded Aluminum Housing, Bronze or Black Powder Coat, Clear Polycarbonate or Glass Array Lens 
RD: D: 7in H: 42.25in
S: L: 7in, H: 4.5in 
F: D: 7in H: 42.75in
          Mounting: 8 in Anchor Bolts Included
          Lamp Type: LED - 18W, 120-277V or 347-480V, 0-10V Dimming down to 10%
          Certification: CSA Listed for Wet Location, IP65

Product codes
P1-R/D-LED2089-(40/50K)-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ), P1-R/D-LED2089-347V-(40/50K)-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ), P1-R/D-TLM15W-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ), P1-S-LED2089-(40/50K)-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ), P1-S-LED2089-347V-(40/50K)-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ), P1-S-TLM15W-(PRC/LVR/BG5)-(BK/BZ)

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