About LeLuce

The LeLuce decorative socket pendant by Bock Lighting is a very simple, chic and industrial style pendant.

We can powder coat paint the decorative socket to any of our standard colors. If you don't want a plastic decorative socket cover, we can make the socket with Antique Bronze, Polished Copper or Unfinished Copper materials. 

We can pair the industrial MED base decorative socket with any black, white or colored cord you can think of! (10 FT of cord standard - field cuttable) The customization options are endless!

Bock can also supply longer cords and pinch hooks so that you can swag them in any size space!  Can also make multiple pendants coming from one canopy!

Finally, Bock can supply orbitals (round or square) around the Leluce socket.  Largest orbital is 32" and the smallest is 12". 

Great for retail stores, restaurants, breweries, distilleries and any other commercial space you can think of.


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